Win Mobile Moments with Digital Intelligence 

Digital Intelligence Playbook

The mobile mind shift is fueling the unabated growth of customer mobile engagements with brands. Now is the time for firms to track, measure, and analyze mobile engagements to gain insights and optimize customers’ mobile moments.




The Battle for Mobile Moments is Lost with Traditional Analytics

Having real-time contextual insights about customers is imperative to delivering well-timed and optimized experiences like delivering the coupon, message, etc. in the mobile moment. 

Mobile Analytics is Getting Traction

Today, over half of firms use mobile analytics to understand app marketing campaign performance using operational metrics (e.g., app downloads and time in app). Get ahead of the game by using analytics to gain contextual and predictive insights. 


It's Time to Get Intelligent with Mobile

Use the implementation of mobile optimization beyond marketing campaigns to create competitive differentiation for firms.  Use these insights to help app developers decide on changes to the next release, operations predict demands on support infrastructure and product managers apply dynamic pricing models. 

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